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Lake O’Dowd

July 4, 2016

July 1, 2016

Several weeks back I went to Lake O’Dowd and ended up going to Prior Lake because the access was full.  This time the Prior Lake access was full and I ended up going to O’Dowd.  I kind of suspected that might happen as it was a Friday afternoon, and a beautiful Friday afternoon at that, on the start of a holiday weekend.  Thought about scrapping it all together but my wife and I stuck with it and headed for O’Dowd where fortunately there were only a few boats on the water.

Soon the boat was launched but before departing from the landing my wife said, “Wait.  I need to get my Dr. Pepper.”  Waiting for her to return I looked out at the water and then in the boat where my tackle box should have been and then it dawned on me, I forgot the tackle box.  Just freaking great.  I’ve read about those tournaments where you only get to fish with one fly.  While it sounds fun, that wasn’t exactly what I had planned on for tonight’s trip.  Driving home and back didn’t really seem like that great of a plan.  The pissed off part of my brain wanted to say screw it.

“Honey, we’ve got a problem,” I calmly said, as she returned with her Dr. Pepper.  “I forgot the bleeping tackle box.”  “Oh, no.  Do you want me to wait here with the boat and you can go get it?”  What a sweetheart.  “No.”  I had my fly rod and a baggie full of bass flies.  Plus, five other rods with a different lure: a black buzz bait, a purple spinner bait, a minnow pattern Little O crank bait, a white spinner bait, and a 5/16 Gene Larew Biffle Hardhead jig rigged with a Berkley Havoc 4″ Skeet Reese Design June Bug colored Pit Boss (kind of sounds like I’m a NASCAR driver thanking my sponsor).  “We’ve got six rods.  We’ll have to work with what we’ve got.  Plus, there are probably a few lures and plastics tucked away in some of the compartments.”  Turned out that the buzz bait and Pit Boss were all we needed.

The water was a nasty shade of mid-summer green with the weed line ending at about five feet. The surface temp said 80 degrees.  Surprisingly, there was a loon family that inhabited the lake and their eerie voices serenaded us periodically throughout the evening.  When I think of loons, I generally think of them inhabiting the pristine waters in the northern part of the state, not a lake that is pea-soup in color.  Maybe though it has something to do with the relatively sparse amount of housing bordering the lake.  Whatever the reason it is always pretty cool to see and hear loons, especially being just twenty minutes from home and half an hour away from downtown Minneapolis.

Within ten minutes of being on the water I switched from the white spinner bait to the Pit Boss.  I left the shallow weeds, brush and lily pads to my wife while I worked the milfoil clumps.  A few casts later my line jumped as the Pit Boss dropped and I connected with a nice 17″ inch bass, which was followed by another smaller bass about ten minutes later.  The trail went cold so we moved to a slop covered point about a hundred yards across the lake.  Right away I had a couple of bass blow up and miss and then caught a fourteen inch bass a bit later.  Letting my wife try the buzz bait, I again found no takers for the white spinner bait.  She had a good strike but missed setting the hook and was left with nothing.  Scrounging around in various compartments of the boat I found another buzz bait and tied it on and proceeded to catch another three bass.  A frog would have worked perfect in the pads, but alas, no tackle box.  No frogs.  My wife missed two more strikes on the buzz bait  while I caught another, slightly bigger 18″ bass on the Pit Boss in the same general vicinity where I caught the first two.

Things turned out surprisingly well given the lack of tackle choices.  Probably shows that I don’t need all of that stuff in my tackle box. But, I’d never fished with a Pit Boss or any of the other toad baits before my trip to Florida where I was impressed with their performance.  They have a tantalizing action coming through the water and I can see why the bass pounce on them.  Good thing I bought a pack the night before and tied one on or the night’s results may have been entirely different.  The Pit Boss is something I will definitely add to the arsenal.










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