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A Long Time Gone

July 20, 2015

A long time has come and gone since I last posted, for that I apologize.

In my last post, I mentioned Lake Zumbra and that I’d have more on that adventure.  Well, nearly two months later I’ve finally worked up the gumption to sit down at the keyboard and hack out a few words.  Why Lake Zumbra?  With the continued expansion of waters infested with Zebra mussels I didn’t feel right launching my boat in Zumbra having just taken it out of Minnetonka the day before.  I know, the trip to Minnetonka was just a one day splash and dash affair,  but it seems rational to think that keeping it out of the water for a least a week or so may help in preventing the spread of this invasive species.  It probably doesn’t have an impact either way but it seems like the reasonable thing to do.  With that thought in mind, I decided to don the waders and hit Zumbra, a lake I’ve never fished.

My dog-eared copy of Sybil Smith’s Twin Cities Fishing Guide promised a very good population of medium sized bass and great opportunity for the wading angler.  Stepping into the water, all seemed perfect: overcast, a slight breeze, birds singing, and best of all, the lake to myself.  Wading out past the rushes, I soon realized that it wasn’t going to be as easy as hoped.  The milfoil was up and thick.  Fishing to the west of the access was darn near impossible.  I headed to the east of the access after about ten minutes and found a few casting lanes between the milfoil and rushes.  The change resulted in a nice strike and a 17″ inch largemouth that was landed after a couple of jumps.  Reaching into the pocket of my waders I fumbled for my iPhone and pushed the button.  Hmmm….no sim card.  Seems awful damp.  What the &%(#!%#)(@%?  Water starts running out of every open port on the phone and I look into my wader pocket to see that it is filled with at least an inch of water in which my phone had been marinating for about 15 minutes.  15 minutes and the phone, kaput.  Some fishing trip.

South Dakota or bust!  Free ice water at Wall Drug!

Took the family to the Black Hills to see the sites June 4 through June 8. With thoughts of plump trout dancing in my head, I was eager to try Rapid and Spring Creek.  I’d been checking the blog at the Dakota Angler & Outfitter for weeks and was impressed by the quality of fish being caught. Then, as is often the case, conditions, in this case a drought ending torrent of rain, turned the local creeks into rushing torrents of mud, thus quashing my trout filled dreams.  The trip, sans trout, was still a lot of fun, but man, I’d like to get out there and give the fly fishing a shot.

IMG_0070 IMG_0077

Father’s Day Weekend

Flailed and heaved musky lures to no avail on Lake Minnetonka.

July 3rd and Fourth

Flailed and heaved musky lures to no avail on Lake Minnetonka.  Notice a recurring theme here.  The bass were pounding the bucktails and large minnow shaped rank baits on the third.  Caught six, missed a few more that spit the hooks, plus a couple of northerns.  One small northern and plump bass on the Fourth.  Did get a chance to try out the Navionics app on my phone.  One word, awesome.

IMG_0167 IMG_0173 IMG_0174 IMG_0175

July 20

Brought my son to Bush Lake this morning and caught a couple of nice bass on a Strike King swim jig and minnow trailer.  Good to catch a fish again.  Nothing huge, but my son was thrilled to have caught his first fish, a small pike, while casting a spinner bait on a bait casting reel.  He is only 11 eleven, so I was a bit hesitant when he asked to try it out.  There were a few bird’s nests but nothing to bad and he started to get the hang of it.  He loved catching the pike as he saw it strike and then had to wrestle it out of the lily pads.

IMG_0191 IMG_0189 IMG_0187 IMG_0185

Good times.


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