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Flipping – for trout

July 31, 2014

Sunday, July 27, found me at Eagle Creek in Savage, MN.  Why? I don’t know. It is not a big stream, nor is it heavily populated with trout.  The challenge I suppose.  The MN DNR website states: many fisherman find Eagle Creek difficult to fish.  I’ve only been there twice – can’t really remember exactly when.  More than 5 years ago for sure.  Those trips were a fruitless excursion through thick brush and foliage that ended in frustration.  Given the diminutive size of the stream casting was next to impossible in most spots and nary a fish was caught.  So for some reason I was feeling optimistic and maybe more importantly, patient, as I knew the challenge ahead of me.


Figuring that there wouldn’t be any major hatches I thought about terrestrials and tied on an ant pattern which I promptly lost in the bush.  No worries.  I tied on a caddis.  Nothing.  Fishing upstream I noticed a small trout dart out from behind a sunken log next to my foot.  Hmmmm…something heavy to get down deep, I don’t have a lot of room to cast…. tequilly worm?  I tied it on and swung it back and forth with no more than the leader extended and deposited it next to an undercut bank.  Flipping for trout….






I knew I was getting it into the right spots, it was just a matter of finding one of the 100 fish per mile that the DNR estimate inhabit the stream.  I was positive and patient..uncharacteristically so.  I was jigging the tequilly worm when a little trout took a swipe at it but left me hanging in some green leaves from an overhanging branch.  No…no…no.  Undaunted, I knew I could catch one if I stuck with it. Damn…10 o’clock was a few minutes away and I was supposed to be home…text the wife…I’ll be home by 11 o’clock.  “Okay, take your time.”  God bless her.

10:30, or so.  A little riffle, I’m hidden back in the weeds, jigging the tequilly worm along.  The flash of a hungry trout is unmistakable and it’s fish on.  It puts up a great fight and the line snaps as I reach for him.  There is no chance he is getting away and I scoop him up as he falls in the water and pin him to the bank.  Sure, I want my fly back, but I really want a picture to prove there are fish here and that this is not some quest for Sasquatch.

I felt bad about placing it on the bank but it was my only option.  A beautiful, plump, Eagle Creek trout at last.


– Hats

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  1. Suriya M permalink
    August 2, 2014 1:45 am

    Hey Me and my friends were down there fishing for trout as well didnt even see a fish though!

    What part of the stream were you on?

    Nice Fat fish!

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