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June – Where did it go?

July 4, 2014

June, where did it go?  A month that looked so promising has now vanished in what seems like the snapping of one’s fingers.  Snap and it is gone.  June 7th and 8th provided the only significant fishing opportunities during the month as I headed to Bryant Lake on the evening of the 7th as the skies finally cleared.  Caught one small northern pike on a white spinner bait in the pads and followed it up with a small large mouth bass on my trust blue Rapala.  The conditions were favorable: light wind, no one else in the boat to harm, so I gave the fly rod a shot with a couple of the musky flies that I tied.  I mean it was opening Musky Season after all.  While I didn’t hook into any muskies, I did manage to connect with one very nice large mouth bass that left me muttering after my fly line connector separated.  What can I say? It was a really nice fish that got down in milfoil and busted me off.  Fish one, Hats 0.  Figuring that I was on to something I tied on a large clouser minnow to my spinning rod and promptly caught a scrappy large mouth, but that was it for the rest of the night.


June 8 – Five a.m. rolled around pretty quick and I was back on Bryant Lake.  Tried some different water to broaden my knowledge and connected with a small bass quickly.  Haunted by last night’s lost bass I switched back to the fly rod and soon had a taker…fortunately they got bigger with the largest fish of the day topping out at 18″ and one other on the fly rod at 17.”  The 17″ inch fish was a highlight as I saw it come up out of the weeds and grab it which was pretty cool.  I also caught one other 17″ bass on a buzz bait worked out of the pads.








June 14 – Rain.  Big shock there.  Friday night I picked up a copy of Drake magazine – good read.  I stumbled across a new fly shop in south Minneapolis called Mend Provisions which was listed in the directory section of Drake.  Stopped by Mend Provisions after work on Saturday at about 12:30 and purchased a couple of buck tails for future flies.  Nice shop.  I will definitely go there again.  Good vibe, helpful and knowledge staff, even had a tying vice and materials out in case one has the urge to crank out a fly.

Since I was in the neighborhood, I thought I’d toss on the waders and hit Lake Nokomis before heading home. The weather was iffy and it looked like all hell could break loose at any moment but since it wasn’t lightning….

Minnehaha Creek flows through Lake Nokomis and with all the rain, both the creek and the lake were way outside their normal confines.  I thought this would play to my advantage in that it would provide additional structure in the form of flooded trees, shrubs, assorted vegetation, and  rip rap areas.  There had to be a giant fishing just lying in wait.  I mean, aren’t the monsters supposed to hit in the worst of conditions.  Fishing on the south/southeast side I was waist deep casting along the edge of the trees waiting for a monster musky to scarf down my fly.  Unfortunately, I made about a dozen casts before the winds kicked up and started blowing so hard that the tops of the trees were snapping off and the water was coming off the white caps in visible sheets of mist.  Not wanting to get hit by falling timber I made the wise decision to blow with the wind back to my car and call it a day.  Crazy winds…

June 22 – Bush Lake for a couple of hours between 5 and 7 a.m. before it was off to my daughter’s softball games.  One strike, no fish.  Just picked up trash and some new tackle.




It will be interesting to see what July has in store.

– Hats

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