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3 X 3 Days

October 19, 2013

Driving kids after school to hockey, soccer, dance, and/or choir has left me pondering a career as a chauffeur.   This plethora of activity, combined with a busy week or so at work has condensed the windows in which to sneak in some time on the water.  The late September weather has been exceptionally warm and beautiful.  The October 2nd forecast for rain and cooler weather told me I needed to get on the water.

Wednesday, October 2 dawned just right.  Not too much rain or wind.  It was just right.  I only had about an hour so I donned my waders and fished the shoreline vegetation.  Figuring that the bass would be chasing frogs, I opted for a willow-leaf spinner bait tipped with white twin twister tails bulged just beneath the surface.  I love this presentation as it throws off a lot of vibration and can trigger explosive strikes from aggressive fish.  My first couple of casts were in and around a shallow clump of pads. It wasn’t until I found one of those picture perfect spots, a lane created by a couple of pads growing just inches away from the main clump that I had any action.   A perfect ambush point.  Despite an accurate cast and my belief that this spot held a fish, I missed the strike, which was somewhat weak to say the least.  I shouldn’t have been surprised since I was totally expecting to catch a fish from this spot.  Well, I might as well try to the same spot again I told myself since I completely missed it.  Aha, maybe one foot past the spot of the original strike the fished pounced again and this time I connected.  But not that good.  What I originally thought to be a snake Northern turned out to be a really good size bass that thrashed itself loose as I tried to land it.   A few minutes later this 18″ bass jumped all over the bait and pounded it.  It was the first of three fish on the spinner bait before I switched to the KVD Sexy Frog as the vegetation became too thick for the spinner bait.  The frog resulted in two more fish and two more strikes.  It was an exciting hour on the water as the fish were really aggressive but work was calling so I scurried home and then off to work.




In my mind, the weather on Thursday was even better and I hit the water again bright and early.  Well, okay early.  It was overcast and drizzling.  Fishing from my Pelican Bass Raider I hoped to hit a few different spots.  The fish were active and I caught three bass and two northern pike.  Nothing as big as the day before.


Friday continued the pattern of cool weather and the occasional shower so I decided to wade Lake Harriet and throw for musky after work.  I threw hair, top-waters and bull dawgs for about two hours.  All to no avail.  I even downsized to a smaller buzz bait towards the end hoping that I could trigger something, maybe a bass or small pike.  Nada.  I guess sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses.


– Hats

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