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Opening Bass – What the Duck?

June 5, 2013

Saturday, May 25, 2013 happened to be the day of the Minnesota Bass opener and so I thought I’d hit a couple of the local lakes as family activities eliminated the possibility of an extended fishing adventure.

First up, Hyland Lake.  My excitement was quashed the moment I walked down to the shore and discovered the fluorescent orange signs posted by the DNR indicating that they had applied weed killer to kill the curly tail pond weed the day before.  I have no idea what impact this has on fishing but I imagine it can’t be good.  I made a few half-hearted casts and caught this bass and one other smaller one.

photoThe day was cloudy with a 10-12 mph breeze out of the SE, with an occasional shower mixed in.  Not ideal, but typical for this cold spring and typically generally for Memorial Day Weekend.  Heading for Bush Lake I found a relatively calm stretch of water to wade and started casting away.  Having nothing to show for my results after about a half-hour I tried to find some water with a different look.  Finding an emerging bed of lily pads I made my first cast and had an immediate strike.  I set the hook into a little bass that put on a nice aerial show before tossing the hook.  I set the hook into another bass a few moments later and snapped a quick photo.

Time was vanishing quickly so I headed for home where I nearly had a heart attack.  Picking up the paper from the drive way I started along the sidewalk in front of our house and made my way to the front door.  A few feet away from the front steps there was a loud explosion of noise and commotion from the ornamental grass caused by a hen mallard taking flight.  Holy crap that scared me.  What the duck is a hen mallard doing right next to our house I wondered?

You guessed it – laying eggs in her nest.


Being a commercial loan officer I routinely make site visits to inspect collateral, yes even on Saturdays of a holiday weekend. This afternoon I happened to be in the “uptown” area of Minneapolis meeting with a prospective client.  The Minneapolis Chain of Lakes was just a few blocks away and since not much was going on at home I thought what the heck – I might as well give Lake of the Isles a few casts. The conditions were largely unchanged from earlier in the day.  I didn’t catch anything right away and had to mind my casts so as to not snag any joggers but somehow managed to sneak out a couple of fish. photo photo

Not bad from a lake just blocks away from downtown Minneapolis.

– Hats

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  1. fishermanbond permalink
    June 5, 2013 11:44 am

    Nice one, I’m hoping to catch some sea bass (UK) soon!

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