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You Tube, gorgeous weather and Bondy Bait

January 15, 2013
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November 22, 2012

Years ago my dad and I noticed a group of shore fisherman who gathered each fall in the NW corner of Lake Harriet to fish for musky with sucker minnows and quick strike rigs.  Now these weren’t your run of the mill 4″ – 5″ sucker minnows.  Nope. They were using giant suckers anywhere from 10″ – “14 long; big enough that the hordes walking around the lake would ask if they were reeling in something they caught when they were reeling up to get the weeds off their hook or to check on the bait.  “Naw, that’s just the bait,” was the common reply to the astounded passerby.

Knowing that Lake Harriet is home to some 50″ plus inch we’ve joined them upon occasion.  The first day there one of the guys caught and released a 47″ musky that attracted a spectacle.  Although my Dad and I have joined them over the years we have yet to catch a fish.  Nonetheless, I must admit that seeing that fish erased any doubts in my mind that it could work.  The challenges to hooking into a fish ranged from the typical: patience, being in the right spot, being there all day, everyday; to the unusual: avoid snagging the wire used to moor sailboats, avoid lip hooking a jogger on your back cast, and being one of the lucky ones there early enough to nab one of the few spots that enabled you get your bait in the small drop-off area accessible with a shore cast.  Right away my thought was, “why aren’t we in a boat trolling or jigging along the break and getting away from the crowd?” Many years later I was finally going to put that thought to use.

What inspired me to give it a shot after all those years?  You Tube videos showing large fall musky being caught, the gorgeous weather, and the Bondy Bait is what moved me to give it a shot.  Reading about the Bondy Bait in Minnesota Sportsman really got me thinking that the Bondy Bait would be an ideal bait to jig along weedline. Watching the Bondy deep water jigging video had me hooked.  Hooked to the point that I purchased two Bondy Baits: one was a Walleye w/white tail (junior size); and, the other was a Whizzard Shad (original size).

Walleye w/white tail

Walleye w/white tail

With Bondy Baits in hand I hit the water on a gorgeous Thanksgiving morning with a slight breeze out of the SW.  The shore fisherman were out in force and I soon made my way past them.  For several hours I trolled slowly along the breaks in anywhere from 15 to 30 feet of water. The weedline on Lake Harriet ends at about 15′ and I would hook weeds anytime I got in water less than 15 feet.  All my efforts were to no avail and I went home skunked. I did like the Bondy Baits though and will definitely continue to use them.   Watching one of the shore fisherman net a 38″ inch musky on a sucker minnow was like watching somebody celebrate the game-winning goal against your team.

Maybe next time.  I did mark a lot of fish – not sure what they were though. Walleyes?  Hopefully, I can get back out soon.

– Hats

P.S. I forgot to mention in my last post that I did try my hand poured Whiggley type baits.  They were duds.  Probably too small.  I think they need to be longer to get the tail to shake and shimmy.

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