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Fishing and Golf – Does it get any better?

October 30, 2012

October 1, 2012

While yesterday wasn’t a flop, it didn’t live up to expectations.  Today, I’ve taken a day’s vacation to fish in the morning and golf with old college hockey buddies in the afternoon.  If the weather forecast is accurate, it will be a better day for fishing than golfing with clouds, a chance of showers, and steady NW winds predicted.

Fall is in the air and on the trees as I launch the Pelican Bass Raider on a secret, unnamed lake.  I’m always excited to fish new bodies of water. I feel good things lurking as I toss a white spinner bait with Colorado blades.  The lake is relatively shallow, with no underwater structure so I am randomly casting in order to cover a lot of water.  Not more than 10 minutes in I feel a strike. Fish on.  Nothing huge, but in the light of the morning moon it does stoke the enthusiasm.  That early, positive feeling goes cold. Since nothing happens for a while I switch to another rod that is rigged with a Heddon Tadpolly.  First cast, boom – another nice bass, and then another in about two feet of water.  Thinking that the fish are in shallow, I move in a little closer to shore and switch back to the spinner bait that is inhaled by a decent sized northern pike.

I have with me a third rod and reach for that.  It is rigged with a jig head and tipped with a Berkley Green Back Pearl Ripple Shad.  I’ve not used the ripple shad much before.  However, the time and place just feel right.  Flipping it out along the clumps of weeds it isn’t long before I catch a 17″ large mouth that is followed by an 18″+ large mouth bass.  The fish are on fire.  With each cast I’m ready to set the hook at the feel of a slight tap or movement in my line.

Prowling the weeds I catch another 18″+ large mouth before there is a little lull in the action.  The lull is due to the lack of weeds in the area I drifted into.  Once, I find green weeds it isn’t long before another bass smashes the Tadpolly.

Realizing that I’m running out of time I start the trek back to the parking lot area early enough to allow plenty of fishing along the way.

The fishing is even better along the west shore.  The fall colors are beautiful too.  I feel incredibly lucky to be here and blessed to be catching quality fish.  All in all I catch more than a dozen large mouth bass with a handful over 18 inches.  I also had four other bass including another 18″+ fish that jumped and spit the hook.  With great reluctance, I wrap it up and head to the golf course.  There are still fish to be caught but my friends are waiting.

– Hats

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