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Lake Ann

October 2, 2012

September 2, 2012

With only a couple hours in the early morning to spare before family activities, I loaded up the Pelican Bass Raider and headed for Lake Ann in Chanhassen, MN.  At about 110 acres in size, Lake Ann is a catch and release fishery for large mouth bass that is located in the Three Rivers Park district, and is restricted to trolling motors only.  Atypical for a Twin Cities lake, there are no homes on the lake.  I fished Lake Ann early this spring and caught several nice sunfish that tasted delicious for lunch.  I was also able to sneak in a few hours Memorial Day weekend and caught a couple nice large mouth bass on a jointed Rapala while wading the shoreline.

It was another nice, late summer day, with a slight breeze out of the south east, as I launched the boat bright and early at six a.m.   The first and only soul on the lake, I stated casting a buzz bait over the lily pads and around the milfoil clumps.  Unlike this spring, the lake seemed to be down at least a foot, if not more, due to the dry summer.  Most of the shallow cover, i.e., lily pads seemed to be too shallow and I began to work the deeper clumps of weeds. Casting to a spot where a fish jumped, a small pike crashed into my buzz bait and then severed my braided line with its razor sharp teeth.  Forced to switch lures, I tied on a white spinner bait, tipped with a white twister tail.  On the very first cast a northern pike struck at it several times and missed, as it chased it all the way to the boat.  A few minutes later another strike.  This time I connected and boated a twenty inch northern pike.  The pike were all over the spinner bait, as I caught another three and missed several others.  Not exactly what I planned, but at least I wasn’t skunked.

After about an hour, I finally connected on a large mouth bass that took a swipe at the Fire Tiger Rapala square lip crank bait that I was tossing.  Only about ten inches long, I was wrong in my belief that I was onto them as I went fish less for about another twenty minutes.  Switching to a black pig and jig tipped with a black Berkley Power Worm, I worked the deep edge of the weeds in about 10 – 11 feet of water.   Nothing was happening in the shallows so I thought I’d give the deeper, maybe cooler water a try.  Many, many casts later, I felt a tap and set the hook.  Bummed that I missed, I dropped it back to the bottom and let it pause before giving it another hop.  Thump, another aggressive tap and I set the hook thinking that it was a northern pike.  Wrong – the line made a rapid accent to surface where a fat bass erupted from the water.  Burying itself in the weeds, I levered it to the boat and scooped up a 21″ beauty – my largest of the year. – Hats

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