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Trout Brook

August 14, 2017

August 13, 2017

I’ve been reading Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer and recognized some of McCandless’ wanderlust in my desire to get out of the house and away from it all.  Heck, that is part of human nature.  Most of us though don’t take it to the extreme that McCandless did.  And if we do, hopefully we plan a whole lot better.  His lack of planning was a recurring theme that eventually and tragically caught up with him in the end.

Anyhow.  Sunday.  Grass is mowed. No hockey games to coach.  Rain and clouds in the forecast.  Not really looking to spend the day all cooped up.  Not really enthused about hitting the local waters.  Hmm…

Trout Brook is located near Miesville, MN, and flows into the Cannon River. In fact, its confluence with the Cannon is where our last two tubing trips down the Cannon started.

I’ve read some words about there being trout in Trout Brook and grabbed the fly rod and waders to give it a go.  Turning onto the gravel road was a gateway to a different world.  Certainly not the Alaskan wilderness experienced by McCandless but an escape into a different realm than the trappings of suburbia.

Roller Coaster

Corn rows a-mazing.

Gravel road roller coaster.

Lazy river float.

Trout Book is narrow and challenging, but deep enough to support a healthy population of trout.  The waters were cool and clear, unlike those on Waconia.  Fishing with a Royal Coachman I caught eight trout and missed a half dozen others.

Trout Brook

Into the Trout Brook

Mosquitoes, rain and fresh air

Clear water and freedom



Take me to your leader

August 14, 2017

August 6, 2017

Stopped at Bush Lake mid-afternoon on the way to put the boat in storage.  The sky was threatening rain and we did get a little damp.  No fish, but it got me to thinking.

While out on Waconia the preceding day I snapped off a leader, which means that I need to go buy some leaders as I was running low to begin with.  But where does one go for a leader these days?

Hence the heading: Take me to your leader.  Gander Mountain which replaced the famed Burger Brothers back in the day has filed for bankruptcy and will be closed.  Thorne Bros. is awesome but forty minutes away.  Fleet Farm – half hour away on a good day.  There are no local bait shops that carry quality tackle.

I know go online…Bass Pro…Amazon Prime.

Just not the same.

I liked to walk the aisles and pick up a lure or two that I didn’t need but that caught my eye.



Back in action!

August 6, 2017

August 5, 2017

August 3rd finally arrived and so I got my boat in to Hannay’s who installed a new power pack. Now I’m back in action with more than a trolling motor.  Well, back in action, but not up to full power.  Seems as if I need an engine re-build or new(er) motor due to a compression problem in one of the cylinders.   There is always something.  Something that always requires a lot of money.  I will have to take it easy and nurse the motor through the last couple months of the year, which shouldn’t be a problem as most of the water I fish is relatively small. Then the search will start for a different motor as I can’t justify the expense of rebuilding a 27 year old motor.

Cool, unsettled, and with a full moon rising, I headed to Lake Waconia with one of my daughters.  The goal was to catch a musky and hit DQ on our way home.   Good motivational thought.  No musky.  Therefore, no DQ.

Did catch several bass on a magnum sized Heddon Tadpolly and one pike on a white spinner/twister combo.


Three lures, three bass

August 6, 2017

July 22

With boat propulsion still reduced to only a trolling motor, I ventured to Bush Lake.  Two boats and a shore fisherman were already fishing away by the time I arrived, apparently late, at 5:30 a.m.

Beautiful day, but really had to work to catch three bass.  One each on a chatterbait, swimbait and crankbait.  Also, I caught two small northern pike and had at least a half dozen hammer handles nipping at assorted lures all the way back to the boat.


Catching Up

July 23, 2017

Catching up…yes, it has been quite some time since I last posted. My fault, totally.  Not that I haven’t been fishing.  Maybe not as much as I want, but more on that later.

Missed the MN Musky Opener due to work. Made up for it by going to Lake Minnetonka on Sunday, June 4.  Absolutely gorgeous.  No wind. Calm.  Water crystal clear. Not a musky to be had.  Saw a mid 30″ fish in about two feet of water on a sandy point near some spawning bluegills.  Wasn’t spooked at all by the boat.  In fact, I passed right over it and it didn’t budge at all.  Off the lake by nine due to prior commitments.  Caught a few bass on cranks.


Rented a house through Vacation Rentals By Owner on Lake Darling in Alexandria, MN, the week of June 19th.  Had a blast.  The bass and northern pike were plentiful. Lots of fish.  Biggest bass was 18″.  The walleyes…tough to come by.  The beverages…cold and refreshing.  S’mores.  Bonfires.  Go-Karts.  Mini Golf.  Bumper Boats.  Golf. Escape Room.  Craft Beer.  Loons. Wine tasting at Carlos Creek Winery.

The first course of business on any trip to Alexandria though is to stop in at Christopherson Bait Shop.  The kids each picked out a lure or two and two of them turned out be dynamite.  The first, a classic Beetle Spin, caught bass, pike, rock bass and several nice crappies.  The other, a Rapala Skitter Walk, was an absolute blast as well, as it caught bass, pike and even crappies.  Awesome action and noise.


While jigging for walleyes I caught this whopper.


The end of vacation was typically sour.  Always tough to leave.  Even tougher to leave though when someone steals the bolt from your trailer.


Left the trailer at the access overnight and some pranksters thought it might be funny for someone to get their boat on the trailer only to see it roll back into the water when they pulled out.  No idea how it stayed in the hitch, but I got really lucky.  Thank goodness I discovered it before hitting the road.  Will need to get a locking bolt apparently.

This only added to my angst though as my boat was nearly out of oil, was running on three cylinders due to a spark plug wire coming undone when I pulled the cover off in an effort to discover why it wouldn’t start.

Got home and fixed the spark plug wire, charged the batteries, tightened up some loose nuts and thought I solved the problem as it started right up.  Wrong.

Went fishing the morning of July 9, 2017, and same problem…wouldn’t start.  Fortunately, I was at Lake O’Dowd and it was calm so I fished around for a couple hours with the trolling motor.  Caught a few small bass.  Definitely not what I was anticipating though.

So having a motor that won’t start is only part of the challenge.  The bigger challenge has been finding a marina willing to work on a motor as old as mine, a 90 H.P. 1990 Evinrude outboard.  Out of action until at least August 3.  Guess I need to get creative.  Or sleep in, which is what I did last week and I must admit, it felt kind of good to wake up at 8 a.m. and golf in the afternoon.

So much for golf.  Went to Steiger this morning thinking I could get around with the trolling motor. The forecast was for 4 MPH winds out of the NW.  Nothing I couldn’t handle.  Problem was: an early morning front went through when I was on the water.  This resulted in stiff easterly winds from about forty minutes that forced me off the water.  One nice 19″ fish before I was forced off.  Kind of slow though and the top water action I had hoped for never materialized.  Seven other boats on the water so these are pressured fish.  Toads and Zoom flukes.  Got to have ’em.




I’ve Been Wading..

June 16, 2017

May 29, 2017

On a bass like you – to borrow a line from an Eighties rock staple by Foreigner.

Lake of the Isles


Cedar Lake



Waconia Bass

June 16, 2017

May 28, 2017

Ventured to Lake Waconia this morning.  Restless and thinking about fish, I got up a little earlier than anticipated and had the lake pretty much to myself for the first hour or so.

Thought I’d troll a rocky point at day break with a Rapala Husky Jerk for walleye.  Ended up catching crappies, which was a complete surprise.

Switched to bass as it got light and it was slow at first.  As the day progressed it got really windy so I had to stick to the W/NW side of the lake.  Caught 16 bass, the largest was 17″.  Most were on Zoom flukes, but I caught a couple on cranks and one a spinner bait.  Missed at least half a dozen fish.  All in all a good day on the water.




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